Required Reading: The Oscar Verdict and Wes Anderson’s Family Values

By  · Published on March 4th, 2014

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“Four Lessons and Four Questions from the 2013 Oscars” – He means 2014, but Joe Reid at The Wire tries to find context and scratches his head. From Adelle Dazim to a no-show hero, Reid dissects a show that was pure bush league.

“Understanding the 2014 Academy Awards” – Mark Harris at Grantland has a smarter take on it all, boiling down the simple binary between winners and losers as a damned terrible way to answer more complicated artistic/cultural questions.

“Oscars: Hollywood’s Conflicted Selfie” – Andrew O’Hehir at Salon finds a lot of worth in Ellen’s audience stunt (the one not covered with pepperoni) as a metaphor for the entire evening.

“Meant to Be Heard, Not Seen: The Invisible Performances Behind Foley Art” – Katherine Kilkenny at profiles the sweet sounds of boxing gloves against cloth and antique guns (and the artists who wield them).

“The Royal Tenenbaums: Wes Anderson’s family values” – Keith Phipps at The Dissolve psychoanalyzes down to the neglectful heart of the clan’s problems. Spoiler: matching track suits aren’t to blame for anything.

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