Required Reading: Gold-Handed Troll and The ‘E.T.’ Atari Game

By  · Published on April 28th, 2014


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“How Rewrote My Headline and Turned Me Into an Internet Troll” – Dustin Rowles wrote a response to a major event on last week’s Game of Thrones for, and they cheapened it with a bombastic headline that didn’t match the piece’s tone or thesis. Over at Pajiba, he fleshes out his original intent, rolls his eyes at new-fangled (bullshit) internet traffic tactics and probably burned a bridge.

“How Many Poop and Vomit Jokes Are In The Other Woman (And 24 Other Urgent Questions)” – Mike Ryan at ScreenCrush provides the kind of in-depth coverage of the shallow that you demand. I wonder if Bridesmaids’ success is the reason there’s so much shit in female-led comedies now.

“Legend Confirmed: Atari 2600 E.T. Game Discovered at New Mexico Dig” – Adario Strange at Mashable gets to the bottom of a trash pile and explains what happens when you don’t send Geraldo Rivera to find something.

“Has Life in the Age of Casual Magic Made Movie Goers Numb to The Amazing?” – Drew McWeeny nails it. Absolutely nails it.

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