Required Reading: Ghibli’s Heart and Google Glass at the Movies

By  · Published on January 22nd, 2014

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“The Studio Ghibli Retrospective: Whisper of the Heart” – Christopher Runyon at Movie Mezzanine looks at a mid-90s coming-of-age story with an angle on creativity (and magic) that might be buried by the more famous likes of Princess Mononoke and others.

“Why I Can’t Get Excited About the Oscars (But Wish I Could)” – Rick Marshall at wants to appreciate the awards show, but Leeloo Dallas Multipass won’t let him.

“The Fallrise of David O. Russell” – FILM CRIT HULK expounds on a filmmaker who he feels has stopped having something to say.

“This Google Glass user went to the movies. Then he got interrogated for about four hours.” – The Washington Post fleshes out this strange, rights-ignoring story that proves the studios and MPAA need to figure out their piracy game before all of us are wearing computers on our faces.

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