Remake Report: What Will a ‘Warriors’ Remake Look Like?

So Tony Scott is planning a remake of The Warrior that takes a real look at gang life. Is that a wise choice?
By  · Published on June 4th, 2009

I woke up this morning with the intention of writing an awesome list about films that haven’t been remade yet, but I gave up. They are coming in too fast, Gray Leader. After Tony Scott busts down Taking of Pelham 123 upon filmgoers this weekend, he’s setting his sights on remaking The Warriors.

Our old pals at Rotten Tomatoes got to sit down with the director, and asked him a few questions about what the movie would look like. The money quote here:

I love the original Warriors and I’m using the same basic story. It’s really still 10 guys stuck at point B, and they need to get back to point A. But I’m going to set it in Los Angeles, and it’s going to be a kind of study of gang culture in LA today,” Scott said.

A study of gang culture? Does that mean we could get a real-to-life, gritty take on gang violence? Scott said he was talking to various gangs to get an understanding of their lives, but how dark and severe can a remake like that get? The original isn’t campy by any means, but, yeah, it’s actually pretty campy because of the era it was made in.

Taking the equivalence of gang violence in a Michael Jackson video and turning it into Sin Nombre might be a little difficult or at least confuse the target audience.

Not that I’m behind the flick being remade in the first place.

What do you think? Is it weird that some friends and I once dressed as Baseball Furies to a party even though it wasn’t themed?

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