Relish the Horror Adventure of Bruce Timm’s 75th Anniversary Batman Short

By  · Published on April 11th, 2014

DC Entertainment

Why Watch? Bruce Timm is one of those people who gets Batman. He’s got a marrow-deep understanding of who the character is, what he’s capable of, and what he evokes. Of course he’s also worked extensively with Batman for two decades.

Since this year marks the 75th anniversary of the shadowy hero, Timm has animated a Casablanca-evoking short film that trades on horror classics (Mad Scientist, Monstrous Henchman, Kidnapped Damsel) while turning Batman into Sky Captain with 20% of the pastiche.

The details are all important in this swift adventure. The fighting, the determination, the fear. Batman: Strange Days at once feels like it could play after a WWII newsreel and like it belongs firmly in the present. It’s also a nice reminder of why Bruce Wayne’s hometown is called Gotham.

Now how about a new short starring Freakazoid? The people demand it. For now, enjoy this new/old Batman adventure.

What Will It Cost? About 2 minutes.

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