Release Date Round-Up: David O.

By  · Published on March 13th, 2013

Release Date Round-Up: David O. Russell’s Untitled Gets a Holiday Date, ‘Interstellar’ Gets Dated, ‘Fruitvale’ Moves Up, and More

In the latest addition of Release Date Round-Up, just about every single film that needed a release date gets dated, or at least this giant installment of everyone’s favorite release date feature (sure) makes it seem that way. We’ve got dates for every kind of film under the sun (vampires! true life trauma! comic book movies! historical dramas!), including a hefty number of totally new dates (and a smidgen of some simple change-ups) for many of the films. What we’re saying is, there is a lot of stuff here, so better pull out your day planners and get cracking on configuring your movie-watching for the rest of the year.

After the break, find out when you can see David O. Russell’s untitled reunion with his Silver Linings Playbook stars, Christopher Nolan’s next, and seemingly everything else in between. Your wallet is about to take a big hit.

David O. Russell’s Untitled Film

The release date: December 13, expansion on Christmas Day.

Previous date: None.

Why? After a strong awards season showing with his Silver Linings Playbook, why the hell wouldn’t Russell want to put his latest Jennifer Lawrence- and Bradley Cooper-starring project smack in the middle of the 2013 awards season? Cue up the Oscars now.

Currently slated for that date? The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas. That’s a big day.


The release date: June 28.

Previous date: None.

Why? Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been talking about Neil Jordan’s vampire tale forever? It’s because we have, and now the Gemma Arterton- and Saoirse Ronan-starring tale finally has a release date. It will hit screens after a Tribeca Film Festival bow, so keep your eyes peeled for reviews well in advance of its official release.

Currently slated for that date? The Heat, White House Down, I’m So Excited.

Now You See Me

The release date: May 31.

Previous date: June 7.

Why? Lionsgate/Summit moves up its magician comedy heist project just one week, but that does put it away from other June 7th releases like After Earth and The Internship. Smart move.

Currently slated for that date? The Purge, The East. Oh, yes, this one will do just fine there.

Red 2

The release date: July 19.

Previous date: August 2.

Why? Lionsgate/Summit also gives a shove to its Red sequel, taking it away from an action-heavy August 2nd (including 2 Guns and that 300 sequel), but putting it in direct competition with another comic book film, R.I.P.D., though the “old guys and gals can still kick ass” theme of the Red films shouldn’t interfer too much with the more teen-driven property.

Currently slated for that date? R.I.P.D., The Conjuring, Turbo.

The Butler

The release date: October 18.

Previous date: None.

Why? Helllllllllooooo, awards season. Director Lee Daniels may be a total hack, but he’s got a true life tale and a star-packed cast (including Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, Jane Fonda, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Terrence Howard, seriously, everyone is in the movie), plus the added cache of having some American President stories to trot out for fun and feel-goods, so no wonder The Weinstein Company is slotting this one for October. Sadly, we doubt anyone will get peed on in this film.

Currently slated for that date? Carrie, Malavita, The Seventh Son.


The release date: July 26.

Previous date: October 18.

Why? With TWC dating The Butler in Fruitvale’s previous spot, the Sundance hit had to move up to give the studio some marketing wiggle room. Let’s hope this doesn’t mean that the studio is dropping the ball on this surefire awards contender, however.

Currently slated for that date? The Wolverine, Blue Jasmine.

Black Nativity

The release date: November 27.

Previous date: None.

Why? Kasi Lemmons’ musical-styled adaptation of the Langston Hughes retelling of the Nativity story needed a home, and what better place than the day before Thanksgiving? Brilliant move.

Currently slated for that date? Frozen, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.


The release date: November 7, 2014.

Previous date: None.

Why? A new Christopher Nolan from a beloved sci-fi script? Oh, date this thing whenever, it will do just fine. Now, just who the hell is going to star in it?

Currently slated for that date? A new Disney animated outing, still unknown.

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