Red Band Teaser for ‘Plush’ Is More of a Confusing Music Video

By  · Published on September 2nd, 2013

Red Band Teaser for ‘Plush’ Is More of a Confusing Music Video

It seems fitting that the teaser trailer for the story of a deeply troubled rock star is fashioned in the style of a music video more than anything else. But though young Hayley’s living her own personal episode of Behind the Music in Catherine Hardwicke’s Plush, her story at least deserves a trailer with some dialogue.

Hayley (Emily Browning) is a rising rock star who swiftly dives off the deep end when her brother and bandmate overdoses. But while she’s in the midst of her downward spiral of drugs, booze, bad bleach jobs, and sex (Did you get that she’s sexual? They really want you to understand that she’s sexual), she finds inspiration and friendship (the sex kind) in the guitarist hired to replace her brother (Xavier Samuel).

Check out the trailer for yourself here:

While truly sexual, I’m failing to see the red bandedness of this teaser. It’s the needle in the neck, isn’t it? Or whatever is happening in that pool (is he sex-drowning her?). You see, if your trailers have actual words to follow, maybe I wouldn’t have to jump to my own conclusions. Though it’s clearly too soon to make any judgments about the film, it looks fun – though it will be easy to fall into cliches. A rock star with a troubled past and a substance abuse problem? Now where’d you get a crazy idea like that?

Plush is in theaters September 13th.