Reality Check: ‘Batman Beyond’ Won’t Be The Post-Nolan Reboot

By  · Published on July 18th, 2013

The heat of Comic-Con might already be getting to people because there’s a rumor going around that Warners is considering tapping into Batman Beyond for their post-Nolan reboot of the character. That’s according to Bill Ramey at Batman On Film, who is hearing “some whispers” that a movie version of the future-set animated show where Bruce Wayne passes the utility belt to teenager Terry McGinnis is “on the table” as a potential direction to take the character. The only problem is that there’s no way it’s going to happen. Full stop.

It’s possible that it’s out there in a no-idea-is-a-bad-idea way, but if Warners is serious about Justice League, they’ll quickly shove Batman Beyond off the table. Ramey disagrees with that point, saying, “If you don’t think a solo Batman film series based on Batman Beyond would mesh with a [DC Universe] on film ‐ if there ever is one ‐ you’d be wrong. The ‘in his prime’ Bruce Wayne Batman could potentially be in a team-up film, while the aged and retired Bruce Wayne Batman would be the version of the same character in the Beyond solo films. Think ‘non-linear’ ‐ same Batman, different time periods.”

It’s not that the worlds don’t mesh; it’s that they don’t mesh easily. I love the wishful thinking, but there’s no chance a studio could (or would want to) sell “It’s Batman, but not Batman,” to general audiences.

Beyond that (sorry), it seems a little suspect that the studio would even want to use a spin-off cartoon show that lasted 3 seasons over a decade ago as the basis for reshaping their billion-dollar character.

On the other hand, if Warners is truly going forward with Justice League before introducing a new Batman in a solo series, then there’s a chance they can find an actor to play Bruce Wayne who is willing to forego being the star of his own trilogy post-Justice League, settling to play an aged-up side character making way for another actor to re-introduce as a new Batman.

That still seems far-fetched, and at the very least something the marketing teams will laugh out of the room. Plus, why Warners would be making Batman movies set in the future while continuing linearly with Superman and others would still be a big question mark.

I’m a big fan of Batman Beyond. It was a clever personality twist that felt a bit like Peter Parker as Batman, and the futuristic setting offered a lot of cool toys and storylines. It was a fun show, but believing that the studio would seriously consider it as source material is fandom making it hard to see clearly.

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