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Raining 3’s: Cars 3 Teaser, Chappelle Doing 3 Netflix Specials, & Showtime Catches You Up Before…

By  · Published on November 22nd, 2016

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Raining 3’s: Cars 3 Teaser, Chappelle Doing 3 Netflix Specials, & Showtime Catches You Up Before Twin Peaks’ 3rd Season

The day’s top headlines in bite-size portions.

Cars 3, the latest Pixar sequel set to decimate global wallets, is still eight months away from its release, but today we got a brief teaser trailer that would seem to indicate this is going to be one dark ride. The teaser features franchise hero Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) enduring a vicious, visceral, and kinda too-real-for-kids car crash. Add to this the elegiac tagline “From this moment, everything will change” and you’ll be wondering if this is a Cars movie or highway horrors flick like they used to show back in driver’s ed. Check it out for yourself and decide if you’ll be taking your kids (of course you will) on June 16th, 2017, when Cars 3 opens nationwide.

As it turns out, there is indeed a god and he/she loves us, or at least that’s my takeaway from the news that Dave Chappelle is shooting not one, not two, but three comedy specials for Netflix, his first since For What It’s Worth in 2004.

Chappelle, fresh off his stint hosting Saturday Night Live the weekend after the election, will record one of the specials exclusively for the streaming service, while the other two specials are coming out of Chappelle’s personal vault and were recorded at Austin City Limits and the Hollywood Paladium. No release dates have been announced, but given that two of these are already in the bag, you wouldn’t be out of line to expect the first special sometime in the early part of next year.

Fans of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks who are looking forward to the upcoming but as-yet undated third season are going to get the chance to catch up on the older seasons thanks to Showtime, the same network who greenlit the revival. They announced via their Twitter today that starting December 26th, all episodes of Twin Peaks first two seasons will be available across all their platforms, which includes television, on-demand and streaming outlets. This is excellent news, even if you don’t need to catch up, because it gives us a slightly firmer idea of when we can expect new episodes. The rumor has always been around spring of 2017, and the fact that these episodes are going up starting at the end of the year would seem to concur with that estimate: it gives viewers four or five months to get through the existing 30 episodes, which in our media-binging culture should be more than enough time.

If you prefer a quicker catch-up, or perhaps want to supplement your re-viewing, might I suggest the Film School Rejects Twin Peaks Episode Guide, which is currently running every Tuesday, with back installments available here.

There’s not a lot of facts surrounding this one, it’s basically just a headline: Dune is getting remade. The sci-fi property – originally a novel by Frank Herbert, then a movie by David Lynch, then a SyFy miniseries, then the subject of what-if documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune – had been optioned by Legendary Entertainment, the same team that made a couple of Christopher Nolan films including The Dark Knight and Interstellar, as well as Godzilla and Pacific Rim, so you know they can handle giant sandworms. According to a press release, the deal includes the right to make another feature film as well as to develop television projects. As the world of Dune is quite vast – there are 20+ books in the franchise – there’s plenty of narratives to explore in plenty of ways. No dates or names were mentioned, but a few months ago director Denis Villeneuve mentioned he wouldn’t mind taking a stab at a Dune remake. He’d already be a lot of people’s top choice after Arrival, but give it another year for Blade Runner 2049 to be released and watch that interest spike.

That’s all there news fit to type for today. See you tomorrow night.

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