The Rainbow of Xavier Dolan’s Colors

Xavier Dolan Mommy
By  · Published on November 30th, 2017

The director has an eye for the flamboyant.

Québécois wunderkind Xavier Dolan has earned recognition for a lot of things. His acting, directing, and writing have all merited awards in the past, but the multi-hyphenate’s most immediately impactful creations are his bold single shots.

Some of this is creative framing (which can sometimes break the fourth wall), some is provocative actor blocking. Undeniably, though, his use of colors is present throughout. Bright primary colors or more contemporary darker tones lend their powers to Dolan’s lens.

Aiding us in seeing this, Corina Tuyama’s color-coded supercut tracks the absolute saturation Dolan is able to attain in some of his scenes. Segmented by color, the video finds cohesion across a diverse filmography and beauty in almost every frame.

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