Rachel McAdams May Finally Get a Superhero Movie Role In Doctor Strange

By  · Published on July 7th, 2015

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Rachel McAdams needs a great role right now. Or at least a big one. Sure, she’s currently starring in True Detective, and many are watching, but buzz on the show this season has not been positive enough (I decided to skip it, myself). She recently co-starred in Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, which has been a critical and box office failure, as well as a debacle of politically incorrect casting. And from what I can tell, her role in the upcoming Southpaw is fairly small.

So, let’s hope the rumor is true, as reported by Heroic Hollywood, that McAdams has been offered the female lead part in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. And let’s hope she takes it. The actress has been up for many a superhero movie in the past. Most of them were similarly for love-interest characters. She was Jon Favreau’s first choice for Pepper Potts in Iron Man, but she turned that one down, and she was supposedly in line for Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight and Lois Lane in Man of Steel. She was also up for an actual superhero, Invisible Woman, in the original Fantastic Four.

Although some want to see McAdams take on the primary lead superhero part of something like Captain Marvel, her character in Doctor Strange could be the next best thing – and at least a parallel to her spunky co-heroic part of Irene Adler in the comic-booky Sherlock Holmes movies. While Heroic Hollywood doesn’t have any word on the part she’s being courted for, fans are guessing she’d play Clea, who is so much more than a love interest. She’s a powerful sorceress in her own right, hailing from the Dark Dimension, who partners up with the title character (to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch) in action and romance. But would they feature Clea without the main villain of the movie being her uncle, Dormammu?

And could they possible go with a less super version of her, to keep the character on par with other Marvel women like Potts and Thor’s Jane Foster? We’ve come along way with comic book movies since the 1978 Dr. Strange TV movie, in which Clea is a non-magical human damsel in distress for the hero. Hopefully that’s a long way for women roles, not just for better overall production value.

Doctor Strange is filming this fall under the direction of Scott Derrickson for a November 4, 2016, release.

Watch Eddie Benton as Clea in that earlier spotlight on the Sorcerer Supreme:

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