Public Service Announcement: Your Blockbuster Gift Cards are Worthless

By  · Published on May 16th, 2011

You know all of those gift cards that family members got you at Christmas because they knew you loved movies but didn’t quite know what that meant or know you well enough to get you something more personal? The ones they snagged from Blockbuster are now worth 0% of their original value.

Or they will be starting Wednesday. And have been for a month apparently.

According to the Sun Sentinel (via Hi-Def Digest), the bankruptcy that has rocked Blockbuster down to the core has now taken the gift cards as a victim, which is fairly unsurprising. Businesses use gift cards to inflate revenue anyway (since a healthy percentage go unused or not used to the full potential), and with the financial straits the company finds itself in, gift cards were an expected casualty.

So, if you have a blockbuster gift card, use it today or tomorrow or forever hold a worthless piece of plastic. If you see blockbuster gift cards for sale in the future, don’t buy them. If you have movie-loving friends who might have them, spread the word sorry about your bad luck.

Correction: We originally got the date wrong, so it turns out that the gift cards are already useless. Our deepest, sincerest apologies to anyone who even still has a blockbuster to shop at.

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