PSA: Just Because Megan Fox Wants to Star in ‘Carrie’ Doesn’t Mean She’ll Star in ‘Carrie’

By  · Published on May 24th, 2011

If there was an official casting announcement naming Megan Fox as MGM’s pick to play the blood-covered lead in Carrie, there might be something to get upset about. After all, it’s difficult to imagine the kind of top-rate work that would have to be done just to make her look like a homely outcast (Sissy Spacek didn’t look like a porn star for the role), not to mention the vapid air that counts for Fox’s delivery.

However, since an inside source is claiming she wants to get more serious as an actor and make Carrie part of that plan, it’s fun to brainstorm how that might be possible. What would it take to make Megan Fox rock that role?

It’s not worth getting worked up over though as some are prone to do. The official rumor, according to Bloody Disgusting, is that Fox is aiming for the role as a big fan of the original film and as a big fan of being paid money for talking and walking while being filmed. No word yet on what sticky, pig-based substances she likes to be covered in while earning that check.

This is just a public service announcement for anyone who just turned as red as a bucket to remember that actors talk about wanting roles all the time. Usually when they have to talk this publicly about that desire, they’re looking at long odds. On the other hand, it’s harmless fun to imagine her in the role. Just make sure you don’t get so mad that you throw cutlery at loved ones with your mind.

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