Preferably Blue is Not Your Kids’ Animated Xmas Movie

By  · Published on December 20th, 2016

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It’s much, much better.

You know who Christmastime really sucks for? Besides anyone who works retail, I mean? The Easter Bunny. Think about it, Thanksgiving and Halloween have no official imaginary figurehead, so if it wasn’t for that tubby chump St. Nick, ol’ EB would be top carrot. Furthermore – little known fact here – Mr. Bunny has a bit of a drinking problem; put this together with the aggravated depression this time of years instills in the poor rabbit and you’ve got the potential for over-the-top acting out, especially if he mixes his booze with his anti-depressants.

This odd and comically unnerving premise is the jumping off point for Preferably Blue, an animated short film written by Wayne Ching and directed by Alan Dickson back in 2011. Finally fed up with all the attention Santa’s getting, EB hatches a plan to shift the attention onto himself, but thing is, Santa’s no pushover. He’s actually kind of a badass. So you better believe he’s not going to turn tail and make tracks for the North Pole just cuz some fluffy wittle bunny has a problem with the holiday hierarchy.

Laughs, thrills, excitement, a dash of heart and more vodka than Leaving Las Vegas­ – all of these things and much, much more can be found in Preferably Blue, making it the perfect antidote to all the saccharine holiday specials airing this time of year. Technically there’s nothing NSFW in here, but if your kids happen to see it you’re going to have some explaining to do. Otherwise, get into the spirit below.

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