‘Predators’ Slated for Summer 2010, Rodriguez Not Directing?

Nothing is certain yet, but based on the time line and the amount of projects, Robert Rodriguez may not be the one writing or directing Predators.
By  · Published on April 24th, 2009

After Robert Rodriguez announced yesterday that he was planning on making a bid to become busier than Peter Jackson (good luck), it’s now being reported that at least one of the films he listed on the upcoming docket won’t have his name printed on the director’s chair. That should give a little bit more breathing room for a man who is planning on bringing everything from cartoon cog-factory workers from the future to machete-wielding grindhouse madmen onto the big screen.

According to ERC via our friends at Slash, Predators, the “reboot” of the classic franchise, will actually not be directed by Rodriguez although he will be producing and filming it right here in beautiful Austin at Troublemaker. The ERC story doesn’t say where they got the information from, and Slash simply repeats it, but it makes at least a bit of logical sense.

Specifically, the story is that a writer and director for the project hasn’t been found yet, but that doesn’t mean Rodriguez won’t be tossing that cowboy hat of his into the ring.

What might stop him from doing so is the time-table at work here. He’s not only looking to start filming on Machete in two months, but he’s also looking to finish up his sci-fi flick Nerverackers (which always looks like NeverCrackers to me for some reason), for its April 2010 release. Now, we don’t want to impugn the good man’s work ethic, but it seems likely that he’ll have to pass on helming Predators with these other commitments.

So if Rodriguez doesn’t direct it, who should?

What do you think? Wouldn’t Never Crackers make an awesome film? Yes, yes, it would.

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