Poster Art: Stare Up Clooney’s Nose For ‘Gravity,’ Go Fishing with Redford and Walking with ‘Walter…

By  · Published on August 30th, 2013

Poster Art: Stare Up Clooney’s Nose For ‘Gravity,’ Go Fishing with Redford and Walking with ‘Walter Mitty’

Gravity, All is Lost and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty are all getting fall releases and all jockeying for some of that sweet, sweet Oscar goodness, so it’s only natural that we let the posters for all three films do the same.

Of the three Gravity is the frontrunner here by far. George Clooney’s nose is a thing of beauty, sure. But the other two are fairly cut-and-paste: start with the lead actor, then insert him into the film’s setting (whether that setting is the open sea or Ben Stiller’s limitless imagination).

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Gravity is the only one to provide some idea of what makes the film stand out. With Gravity, we’ll be spending an hour and a half watching Clooney and Sandra Bullock floating helplessly through space; the poster offers up a glimpse at the film through Bullock’s eyes.

You’d think All is Lost would be pulling a similar kind of schtick. Like Gravity, the film will follow Robert Redford as he sits on a boat, adrift at sea. There’s almost no dialogue, and no one appears in the film besides Redford. It might be a good idea for the poster to reflect that in some way. Instead, all we get is a generic-looking piece of artwork with an equally generic tagline: “Never give up.” Yawn.

Maybe the poster for All is Lost could have photoshopped Redford into the middle of a blank setting that’s tangentially related to the film. It seems to have worked for Walter Mitty.

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