Positive Early Screening Buzz is Strong for ‘Fright Night’

By  · Published on June 2nd, 2011

As it turns out, the upcoming Fright Night remake may indeed be awesome. The trailer was impressive and didn’t show anything in particular to be worried about, except for the serious lack of David Tennant. An excuse could be made that they wanted to set up a tone Tennant doesn’t fit, so it makes sense not to include a more comedic character like that.

Regardless, a recent clip (via MTV) was just put out on the web, and it’s good. The scene features a nice little moment of Farrell not-so-subtlety warning Yelchin, and it works incredibly well.

But one of the few reasons why Fright Night may actually be good is due to some of the solid buzz coming out of the screening MTV just held. I’ve heard from more than a few people that it works pretty well as cool vampire film, and that it’s much better than one might think a Fright Night remake would be. I do hope the film surpasses being more than just another fun horror movie, though.

My main concern still remains whether or not Fright Night will actually have a heart, instead of just being forgettable fun. Roddy McDowall was the original’s real heart, and he made Peter Vincent a truly great character. Is Vincent still going to have that founded heroism to him, or will he instead be played as a total joke the whole time? Craig Gillespie’s comments in the post-MTV screening interview made me less worrisome:

“He goes through this redemptive journey through the film, which is really nice to see happen. I think we put a lot more of that in this character. We got a little more backstory on him, which was fun. Also, he aides Charlie. To get that duo together in the end is so much fun. He finally turns up and steps up.”

Gillespie also did make Lars and the Real Girl, and that did have a pretty good heart to it, so maybe I shouldn’t be questioning that so much.

To end on a brighter note, it’s nice to see Gillespie making two much welcomed deviations from the original: the girlfriend (played by the greatly named, solid actress, Imogen Poots) doesn’t seem to be annoying – and I’ve heard she’s not completely passive, unlike the original – and Charlie’s mom actually looks to be involved on some level as well.

And for those curious about David Tennant’s presence in the film, here’s a shortened trailer that actually lets David Tennant have a line… but just one.

Are you now, finally, excited for the Fright Night remake?

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