They Should Make a Ghostbusters Game Like Pokémon Go

By  · Published on July 11th, 2016

Ghostbusters and a few other movie franchises that would work as Augmented Reality games.

If you’ve been off the radar over the weekend perhaps you missed the release of Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is a augmented-reality game for iPhone and Android that has been an incredible phenomenon. Just go to one of your local parks and check out the sea of people walking around looking at their cell phones. Chances are they are trying to catch that elusive Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is about the right property at the right time. The technology is finally there to make something like this happen and the nostalgia factor is certainly playing into it. The question then is why haven’t other companies attempted this strategy before? There are plenty of movie properties that would be perfect for an augmented-reality game tie-in. Below are just some examples of movie franchises that could use this technology.


The new Ghostbusters is hitting theaters this weekend and it is coming with plenty of attention, both good and bad. Ghostbusters seems perfectly suited for a game with the same formula of Pokémon Go. Players could use their phones to locate ghosts and trap them with a combination of the proton pack and ghost traps.

Star Wars

Star Wars doesn’t have an easy collectible element to it, but there is a solution. The game would have players use the geo-targeting data to locate different elements of armor, weapons, and vehicle parts. Players could then use their gear to battle for strategic points and decide whether or not the Jedi or Sith will control certain points. The game would have to feature a much more elaborate player creator though (Pokémon Go is pretty skimpy when it comes to creating characters), to fully represent all the different races in the Star Wars universe. Perhaps even a Cantina to exchange items and plan attacks.

Star Trek

While Star Wars would fit the bill for a game with a stronger emphasis on battle, Star Trek is more concerned with exploration. When players visit an unmarked location, they will be able to name the location to their liking and decide a specific bonus for other visitors. As you visit more points across the world, you gain experience which allows you to claim that planet in your name and increase you personal empire.

Secret Life of Pets

Successful children’s property? Check. Timely? Check. Plenty of different animals to give a home? Check. Secret Life of Pets may seem like an odd choice to add to the list of properties that could benefit from a movie tie-in with a video game, but the possibilities are endless. As players walk they are making their animals happy and get to interact with them. Adding in some of the elements of the other hit mobile game sensation Neko Atsume, players are rewarded for taking care of their animals, by getting new items for the animals to interact with in game. These animals wouldn’t fight or have to go to a specific location, but exercise and digital loot could easily make this a work.

There are plenty of other properties that could use the ideas implemented in Pokémon Go for their benefit. Given how quickly the game has taken hold of the world, more of these games are certainly a possibility.

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