Please Help Gotham Catch John Doe, AKA The Batman

By  · Published on April 30th, 2012

After killing several police officers and District Attorney Harvey Dent, it’s time that the unknown vigilante known as The Batman be brought to justice.

With Harvey Dent Day approaching, and you know, a new documentary called The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters, Christopher Nolan and Police Commissioner James Gordon are renewing efforts to find the murderous man in black.

This website has a ton of police files detailing the crimes as well as how you can help out. Primarily, they’re asking for people to search for evidence of graffiti in support of Batman in cities around the world. Addresses are given. If all the evidence is recovered, they’ll release a new video online (which is expected to be the trailer that will play ahead of The Avengers this weekend).

Good to see Warners and company are having fun with the viral marketing again. Hopefully, with all of his resources, billionaire Bruce Wayne will be able to aid the effort.

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