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Play The Hits: David Fincher’s Pop Music

By  · Published on November 16th, 2017

From music videos to videos…with music.

A former music video director (“Vogue”, “Straight Up”, “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” –  ok, and many more), David Fincher knows the correct visuals to correlate to music. Doing it in reverse though, scoring pop music along with the footage he’s shot already, is an interesting challenge he’s risen to.

Most recently, in Fincher’s Netflix series Mindhunter, there’s a fantastic driving montage set to Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle”. It fits the period, it fits the action, and it fits the interiorities of the characters. The are getting beaten down by the monotony, but becoming more comfortable with each other through sheer time spent in close proximity. It’s a great sequence, but not unique in his filmography.

Collecting a few of Fincher’s best musical moments and explaining them, Julian Palmer’s video essay focuses up into the symbiotic tonal necessity of their relationship to the films.

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