Pixar’s ‘Monsters University’ Trailer Looks Almost Completely Unnecessary

By  · Published on February 11th, 2013

Back in 2009 when Up came out, most sane people wouldn’t have had anything negative to say about Pixar. Even with the Cars sequel looming ahead in 2011, the company hadn’t really shown signs of dilution from Disney, and they were coming off a hot streak of films (Ratatouille, Wall-E and Adventures with Carl Fredricksen) that proved children of all ages could enjoy moving films that were funny, adventurous and had a sense of depth.

Watching the new UK trailer for Monsters University, it feels a little alien, but I can’t even imagine what the 2009 version of me would think. Beyond the look (and the recognizable characters, of course), it doesn’t seem Pixarian at all. It’s flat. Completely messy. There are a few character moments and a few gags that seem funny, but overall it just seems unnecessary.

What is this thing?

It doesn’t mean the movie itself will be that terrible, but, wow, that trailer is about as dull and convoluted as it gets. A half-worked running gag about how big Sully is? A set-up-less punchline where a mom is taking too long to start a car? The promise of a rivalry that we never get to see followed by a bizarrely placed second threat of a rivalry?

Ersh. This trailer is almost pure nonsense. Let’s hope they were saving their A-game for the release on June 21st.

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