Philip Kerr to Explain Hitler with ‘The Poison Kitchen’

By  · Published on November 14th, 2012

According to Deadline Hollywood, the best-selling author Philip Kerr will take a stab at detailing the rise of the Nazi party in 1920s Germany for The Poison Kitchen, a movie being directed by Robert Schwentke (Red, Flightplan). His pedigree as a writer of detective stories set in that tumultuous time certainly qualifies him for the project, but it will also be his first screenplay so it will be interesting to see him transition his skills to a new format.

The film will be drawn from the Ron Rosenbaum book “Explaining Hitler” and will pit the growing National Socialist party led by Adolf Hitler against journalists at the “Munich Post” who trash the group as thugs and criminals. You’ll never guess who wins.

The world should never stop making movies about WWII and the Nazis. As long as more people can learn about their atrocities and more of us can be reminded of the modern danger they posed, the word should be spread through every medium possible. What’s more – this movie represents a chance to highlight a group of people within Germany who actively fought against Hitler, and that’s a bit of history that sometimes gets swept under the rug in favor of the myth that a country simply woke up one morning and decided to burn its citizens while invading Poland. At any rate, this project sounds like a fascinating one.

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