Paz De La Huerta’s on a Wild Ride on the New ‘Nurse 3D’ Poster

By  · Published on November 1st, 2013

Over two years ago, word surfaced that the ever-delightful Paz De La Huerta would be starring in a movie called Nurse 3D, and a stunningly NSFW poster was released to go along with film. Featuring the fully-nude star drenched in blood, the poster was a teaser of what viewers would be seeing in Doug Aariniokoski’s film ‐ Nurse Abby Russell, a dedicated nurse by day, a vicious (sexy) killer who preys on cheating and “dishonest” men by night.

The film got shelved, but is now poised for a 2014 release, and with it comes a new poster. This time around, the good nurse Russell is decidedly more covered up. Still dripping sex (but not blood) in a latex nurse’s uniform, she’s riding a blood-filled hypodermic needle like the bomb from Dr. Strangelove. It’s stylish, but also maybe indicative of her ride into crazytown when another nurse starts getting suspicious, and she must figure out how to outsmart her.

If there are two roles that Paz De La Huerta plays well and plays often, they are naked and crazy, so this should be a treat for all.

Nurse 3D is in theatres February 7, 2014. [HitFix]