Paul Rudd or Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Ant-Man? Marvel Wants Your Opinion

By  · Published on October 14th, 2013

The correct answer is Adam Scott.

Per Variety, “sources” have revealed the short list for Marvel’s shortest superhero, Ant-Man. Apparently the two front-runners are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd, and while the story never states the actors have been in for talks (as opposed to simply being on a studio wishlist) it does say they’re both expected to meet director Edgar Wright and Marvel’s studio execs “one more time.” The piece also indicates an unnamed third actor which is probably shorthand for Variety covering their butts in case neither Rudd nor Gordon-Levitt get the job.

It’s entirely possible this leak is a way for Marvel to gauge interest in the actors as evidenced by reactions on social media, and if that’s the case the initial lead seems to be in Rudd’s favor. Of the two he’d be my choice as well. Not only is he the more enjoyable screen presence, but he also has a personality that seems perfectly suited to Wright’s style. The Ant-Man script is co-written by Wright and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), meaning whichever actor gets the gig the movie is bound to be enormous fun.

So if it is between Gordon-Levitt and Rudd, who do you prefer and why?

Marvel’s Ant-Man is scheduled to open July 31, 2015.

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