Pain Follows Jessica Jones Like a Shadow in Her New Trailer

The new trailer proves that, as it was in Season 1, “the powers are a side effect.” Jessica Jones is more than that, and we’re here for it — warts and all.
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By  · Published on February 8th, 2018

The new trailer proves that, as it was in Season 1, “the powers are a side effect.” Jessica Jones is more than that, and we’re here for it — warts and all.

It’s easy to think that Marvel hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of the female superhero gamut — indeed, the studio’s range is still severely lacking, and the rest of Phase Three still must change that. But they really did create something special with Jessica JonesĀ a couple of years ago. The Netflix series hit a nail on the head discussing issues like rape and alcoholism against the backdrop of superheroism, successfully tying the gritty real to the insistently fantastical in a way that wasn’t just about yet another white man.

A trailer has dropped in anticipation of the second season of Jessica Jones, and although second seasons of just about any show struggle to find a cohesive footing, that kind of issue doesn’t appear to plague the eponymous superp-owered detective’s new journeys. Jessica Jones, played by the phenomenal Krysten Ritter, is still spiraling out of control, breaking faces, wine glasses, and god knows what else. But the focus is still streamlined on her and what her tumultuous past could draw to the surface.

Watch the trailer below.

It’s essentially the same format as predecessor Daredevil, which introduced foes new and old to Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock that act as the ultimate disruption (and destruction) of what could’ve been a well-oiled legal machine, Nelson & Murdock.

From the trailer for season 2 of Jessica Jones, it is clear that Jessica’s journey with Kilgrave (David Tennant) is over, but there are more facets of her past that we just don’t know about. Anyway, considering the end of that trailer, there definitely could be more baggage to unearth between Jessica and Kilgrave. Tennant made a fantastic villain out of the character, so much that he’s disgusting enough for me to think one season was enough of him. Nevertheless, given that there are other parts of Jessica’s past that clearly shaped her — the experiments done on her, and her family’s death being the main focus in the trailer — he could just at least be there for a discernibly shorter period of time.

And that’s another thing about Jessica Jones: it started as a show that specifically told a story about women getting through trauma. Season 2 seems primed to continue allowing Jessica — and her best friend Trish (Rachael Taylor), for that matter — to work through her issues. That could be a good thing as well, as most superheroes in the MCU and other cinematic universes are just supposed to accept that they have powers and do something good for the good of others. The hesitance and outright rejection of performative superheroism made Jessica a very special character. The fact that she also actively runs away from her problems and is far from a perfect woman is icing on the cake.

One thing new that could come about in Season 2 of Jessica Jones would be Jessica’s acceptance of sidekicks. She got a taste of it in The Defenders, which sadly was not something that many people loved or even really talked about. But rather than focus on a flash-in-the-pan team-up (even if Jessica and Matt’s friendship was pretty great), I’d rather learn more about Jessica as a person. We hope our favorite characters won’t be put through too much more pain, but unfortunately judging by the trailer, that’s mostly wishful thinking.

Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives on Netflix on March 8.

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