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Venom’s Creator Wants Him Creepier in a Solo Flick

Todd McFarlane wants Venom to be creepier than ever for a possible spin-off movie. McFarlane is one of the artists who created Venom for the Amazing Spider-Man comics.

Rumor Mill: Venom May Get His Own Movie

Dear Marvel, please keep Sam Raimi away from this movie…

‘The White Lotus’ Makes a Welcome Return With an A Dynamic New Cast

The White Lotus season two introduces a whole new cast of characters for a compelling, if not quite bitingly satirical, trip to Sicily.

10 Most Memorable Horror Movies About Revenge

They all had it coming.

RZA Names the 2 Kung Fu Flicks Every Curious Kid Should Watch

We chat with RZA about his favorite kung fu movies and why the new Alamo Drafthouse on Staten Island means so much to him.

Marcia Lucas’ 1st On-Camera Interview in ‘Icons Unearthed: Star Wars’

You would not love ‘Star Wars’ if not for Marcia Lucas. In numerous ways, she rescued the franchise from oblivion.

Without Batman, Scott Snyder Has a Stress-Free Comic-Con

We chat with Scott Snyder about returning to Comic-Con with a new set of ComiXology Originals and why they trump Dark Knight popularity.

Will Lucasfilm Give ‘Star Wars’ to Taika Waititi? The Director Seems Unsure

As the director travels the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ press circuit, he suggests a likelihood where his ‘Star Wars’ film is never made. That would be a tremendous failure for the franchise’s longevity.

Let’s Revisit That Cathartic ‘Jessica Jones’ Showdown

Jessica Jones’ first season is a brutal and powerful look at intimate partner violence that ends stronger than ever.