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Lin Shaye Insidious

There’s No Horror Hero Quite Like Lin Shaye in ‘Insidious’


Career character actor Lin Shaye was finally given a chance to shine as demon slayer Elise in James Wan and Leigh Whannel’s hit horror franchise.

Network Monologue

The Ballad of Howard Beale: Why We Keep Misreading ‘Network’


“Good morning, Mr. Beale. They tell me you’re a madman.”

The Godfather Squibs

A Brief, Bloody History of How Gunshot Squibs Work


Small, but mighty: here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about squibs.

Lovely Dark And Deep

‘Lovely, Dark, and Deep’ Knows What Scares Us [Fantasia 2023]


We’re kicking off our Fantasia Film Fest coverage with a look at a creepy chiller finding dark mysteries in the woods.

Tenet Train Tracks

Plot ≠ Story: What We Mean When We Say A Movie is “Just Vibes”


Say it with me: plot is not the same thing as story!


12 Movies to Watch if You Like ‘Barbie’


She’s everything. Including these twelve movies.

Fear The Night

‘Fear the Night’ Wastes Both Its Premise and Its Lead


Maggie Q almost makes it worth your time. Almost.

Justified City Primeval Review

‘Justified: City Primeval’ is Relentlessly Cool


Raylan Givens takes on Detroit in the welcome, excellent revival season of FX’s neo-Western drama.

1999 Movies

Why Were There So Many Iconic Movies in 1999?


Tonight I’m gonna [watch movies] like it’s 1999

The Iron Prefect Header

‘The Iron Prefect’ Locks Down Our Pick of the Week


Plus 11 more new releases to watch at home this week on UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD!

Brett Jutkiewicz Scream 6

50 Things We Learned from the ‘Scream 6’ Commentary


“We’re nothing if not subtle.”

Fire Within Fire Of Love

‘The Fire Within’ vs ‘Fire of Love’ and the Hunt for Adequate Images


Two volcano movies from 2022 enter … one movie leaves (it’s the one directed by Werner Herzog).