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‘Venom’ Trailer Breakdown

Tom Hardy embraces his inner antihero and finally shows off his killer grimace.

‘Venom’ Showcases a World Without Spider-Man

The first trailer for the Sony spin-off also lacks any discernible glimpse of…you know, Venom.

Woody Harrelson Eyed for ‘Venom’

This movie is certainly not short on memorable actors and we can only hope it turns out just as promising.

Jenny Slate in Talks to Join Sony’s ‘Venom’

Another awesome person may feature in Tom Hardy’s new superhero movie.

‘Venom’ and ‘Silver & Black’ Will Be in the Same Universe as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Marvel and Sony have figured out how to have Spider-Man in two cinematic universes at the same time. 

Fan Theory Friday: Is ‘Life’ A ‘Venom’ Prequel?!?!

Spider-Man Spin-Offs Still Happening: Venom, Sinister Six and More

Watch: Ryan Kwanten is the Venom We Deserve in ‘Truth in Journalism’

‘Chronicle’ Director Josh Trank Might Start Fresh For Drooling ‘Venom’ Movie