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Edgar Allan Poe Adaptations Movies

10 Best Edgar Allan Poe Adaptations to Wake the Dead


Not all of them are directed by Roger Corman! Just most of them.

Zone Of Interest

‘Zone of Interest’ is a Sickening Depiction of Monstrous Mundanity


In case you needed proof that Sandra Hüller is a generational talent.

House Horror Movies

10 “House” Horrors: The Best Horror Movies with House in the Title


Home is where the horror is.

The Royal Hotel

‘The Royal Hotel’ Fails to Fulfill its Ozploitation Promise


You may want to check out early.

Evil Does Not Exist

‘Evil Does Not Exist’ Meditates on Mankind’s Inevitable Demise


Eco-anxiety be damned, that udon sure looks good.

The Fall Of The House Of Usher Review

‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Is The Year’s Must-Watch Horror Show


Mike Flanagan’s latest Netflix horror series remixes the prolific works of Edgar Allan Poe to create a funny, fantastic, f—ked up story about the rot of modern capitalism.

Dark Harvest

‘Dark Harvest’ Brings Small Town, Small-Minded Horrors to Life


Horror movie law #351… killer scarecrows are *always* scary.

Horror Movies Small Killers

10 Horror Movies Featuring Small (But Ferocious) Killers


Size doesn’t matter when it comes to these pint-size terrors.

David Cronenberg Horror Movies

10 Best Horror Films Directed by David Cronenberg


Thank you, King of Venereal Horror, for all that you do.


21 Things We Learned from the ‘Prey’ Commentary


“Everyone says this dog better not die.”

Christopher Lee Movies

A “Count” Down of the 10 Most Memorable Christopher Lee Movies


Christopher Lee is a horror icon, so consider this just a taste of the genre delights he has to show you.

Criterion Horror Movies

10 Criterion Horror Movies That Will Make You Smarter


There’s nothing more spine-tingling than arguing over the merits of Criterion spine numbers.