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Ready for the ‘Pacific Rim’ Cinematic Universe?

The apocalypse will be canceled and then canceled again for good measure.
By  · Published on October 10th, 2017

The apocalypse will be canceled and then canceled again for good measure.

Pacific Rim: Uprising officially began its media campaign in full force at NYCC. There was a big trailer launch and excitement for continuing the world of Pacific Rim was pretty strong. Surprisingly, director Steven S. DeKnight says Pacific Rim: Uprising is not the last we’ll see of that universe, but the launch pad for something much bigger.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

DeKnight said that if Pacific Rim: Uprising is well received it could mean the franchise entering another medium outside of a potential third film. When speaking to Nerdist he said, “The plan was always to use this movie as a launching pad.” Could you imagine a Pacific Rim comic or cartoon? Those would certainly be possibilities should success come to Uprising.

This is interesting in a lot of ways. For the longest time, Guillermo del Toro was struggling to get his vision of Pacific Rim 2 off the ground, although the success in China was staggering. Make no mistake about it, the reason we are getting more Pacific Rim is the box office potential of China and little else. That being said perhaps DeKnight was able to direct the picture of less money or at significantly lower budget than what del Toro wanted. Certainly, everyone involved would love a successful franchise similar to the Star Wars and Transformers of the world, but a lot of that hangs on the balance of Pacific Rim: Uprising.

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