‘Osombie’ Trailer: Of Course There’s a Movie About Zombie Bin Laden

By  · Published on November 29th, 2012

It’s no surprise that someone made a movie where Osama Bin Laden comes back as a zombie because, you know, humanity does this kind of thing. It’s also probably not a surprise that it comes from the same distribution team that put out Big Tits Zombie (destined for end-of-year Top Ten lists).

What does come as a surprise is the production value on this thing. It’s…really good. I mean, it’s not Innocence of Muslims or anything, and it’s about 24 letters higher than the Z-grade stuff coming out of The Asylum. Even though the premise of Bin Laden emerging from the ocean and raising an army of zombie terrorists is super double ridiculous (and ridiculously awesome), it’s clear that there’s some talent behind it. Or that they’ve patched together all of the good-looking parts for the trailer.

Either way, it’s a fun one. Check it out for yourself, and enjoy the sword fights.

Because sword fights are definitely something you’ve got to have in your movie about zombie Bin Laden.

It’s also pretty amazing that an actor out there (Walter A. Carmona) can list “Zombie Bin Laden” as a credit on his resume. Best career move of all time. Talk about a conversation starter.

This bad boy is on BD and DVD December 11th. Just in time for Christmas!

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