‘The Ornithologist’s Beautifully Blasphemous Art References

The ornithologist
By  · Published on December 6th, 2017

Heavenly reflections of some great paintings.

A loose retelling of the life of Saint Anthony of Padua, The Ornithologist is not afraid to muck around in God’s territory. Well not just that, but also in the realm of other media. Director João Pedro Rodrigues made a film purposefully transgressive, but no lesser pretty for the effort.

HERROZZY’s video essay showcases the frame-referenced artwork making the film as murky, beautiful, and classical-looking as it is. Many of these works, believe it or not, are religious in nature. That’s just how art used to be and, thanks to Rodrigues’ work, continues to be (albeit with some new tongue-in-cheek critique).

Scored to opera and as dark and sexy as paint could allow, this video won’t just make you want to watch one of 2017’s most underrated features, it’ll make you want to visit a museum. Or join a monastery. Whichever one’s easier.

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