Orion Classics Is Back With Exclusive Clip from ‘The Domestics’

The legacy brand returns with dystopian, tribal madness!
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By  · Published on June 28th, 2018

The legacy brand returns with dystopian, tribal gang madness!

Being a young film lover growing up in the early 90s, it’s just natural that I have a soft spot in my heart for that old Orion Pictures logo. It was the prelude to having my 9-year-old brain fried by Robocop and The Terminator. They gave us crash courses in comedy like Caddyshack, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the cult classic UHF. And if pure entertainment isn’t enough, they also took home numerous little gold statues with Amadeus, Silence of the Lambs, and Platoon.

Despite slates of films that would go on to become perennial classics, Orion was mired in financial woes for much of its twenty-year history. After declaring bankruptcy in 1991 they produced their final film for 15 years with One Man’s Hero in 1999. Though in 2014, through MGM, the Orion Pictures name would begin its comeback with the remake of The Town That Dreaded Sundown. By 2017 it would officially relaunch as a stand-alone brand under the leadership of former Blumhouse Tilt and Orion executive John Hegeman.

To break into the day-and-date theatrical-VOD business, they are now reviving Orion Classics the brands’ art-house distribution wing. The division, established in 1983 to distributing foreign and independent films domestically, gave us a wide range of genre classics from Akira Kurosawa’s Ran and Dario Argento’s Opera, to Richard Linklater’s Slacker and Jennifer Lynch’s Boxing Helena. The first film to be released under the Classics banner is Mike P. Nelsons The Domestics starring Kate Bosworth, Tyler Hoechlin, and Lance Reddick.

Here’s an exclusive clip!

Color me intrigued! While the post-apocalyptic subgenre may worn, there is something electric about these distinct tribal divisions. It instantly brought to mind the high-art kitsch of a film like Walter Hill’s The Warriors, but rather than our heroes making a mad dash across New York City through a bevy of deadly, costumed gangs we have a couple, the titular Domestics, battling across a barren United States.

Check out the film’s official synopsis below:

In a terrifying post-apocalyptic world inhabited by murderous gangs divided into deadly
factions, a husband and wife race desperately across the lawless countryside in search
of safety and must work together as they are pushed to the breaking point in order to

Make sure you catch The Domestics in select theatres June 28th and VOD June 29th!

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