An Emergency Discussion About The ‘Justice League’ Trailer

By  · Published on March 26th, 2017

A discussion of Zack Snyder’s first full trailer for Justice League cannot wait for a full episode – we need an Emergency Pod.

This weekend, Warner Bros. dropped the first full trailer for Justice League, the next DC Expanded Universe film from Zack Snyder and the follow-up to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The trailer itself created an immediate firestorm of discussion around a number of topics, including whether or not Snyder and co. have learned any important lessons from the criticism they received following the release of both Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad.

In order to break down the trailer and talk about the issues around it, Neil welcomes Gizmodo and io9 writer Germain Lussier for this emergency episode of One Perfect Pod. They talk DC fandom, Zack Snyder’s literal darkness, visiting the set, what they like about this trailer, and what gives them reason to worry.

Before you listen, it helps to have watched the Justice League trailer, which can be found below:

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