OmniCorp Wants to Keep Your City Safe With These Terrifying Robo-Weapons

By  · Published on July 9th, 2012

OmniCorp, the cuddliest weapons manufacturer, wants to know what you’ll buy for a dollar.

They’ve just released this glossy sales video to celebrate their full system lines, including drones that can keep a watchful eye over your neighborhood, a massive tank-busting defense vehicle, and they’re even teasing a new program where human resources meet robotics.

Personally, I’m glad we’ve got them in our corner to keep us safe. Check out the video for yourself:

Viral marketing is a silly reason to get hyped for a movie, but this video is incredibly cool. Simple, sleek, slightly reminiscent of Starship Troopers. Hopefully Jose Padilha and the production staff behind RoboCop will be making plenty of fake commercials for the movie itself.

And hopefully they’ll feature a certain bespectacled/mustachioed titan of the screen…

Of course, the real potential here is in how Orwellian things have gotten in real life. RoboCop was always a fantastic B-movie punching above its weight class with something to say about what we’re willing to sacrifice for total protection (or even the illusion of an invincible policing force). With drones playing a real role in our warfare (and our speeding tickets), it seems like fertile ground to infuse some welcome satire into a movie where gas stations explode and bullets come out too fast to count. Even the tagline “We’ve Got the Future Under Control” is a subtle twist of the words.

Smart action. There’s nothing wrong with it. These viral elements are a great first step in communicating the kind of tone the movie might have.

What do you think?

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