Oliva Munn Becomes a ‘Baby Maker’

By  · Published on June 7th, 2011

Say what you will about any of their movies, but Broken Lizard takes chances. They’re one of the only comedy groups that have successfully navigated the waters to continue translating their brand of humor to movies. If you don’t think it’s that hard, just ask The Whitest Kids U Know.

Their latest is The Baby Makers – which should prove an interesting challenge since it wasn’t written by the group. The script from Peter Gaulke and Gerry Swallow (Black Knight, seriously, Black Knight) focuses on a man who discovers he can’t make baby juice anymore, so he hatches a plan with his friends to rob a sperm bank that has some of his deposits. Paul Schneider will be bringing his nuanced talent to the lead role, and now Variety is reporting that Olivia Munn has joined the cast as well. Her role isn’t clear at the moment, but it very well may be the wife of the newly impotent robber.

Munn played a small role in Slammin’ Salmon – as the bitchy, trying-too-hard girlfriend of a man trying to propose – and her appeal is pretty obvious (considering she’s willing to dress up like Chun Li and lick an Apple TV), but her personality is way too caustic. It doesn’t seem to fit with the overall (sometimes mindless) joy that Broken Lizard brings to projects, although it might make a nice foil. Who knows. Maybe her character will call for exactly what she has to offer.

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