Oh, and Sony is Planning on Rebooting ‘Jumanji’ For Some Reason

By  · Published on July 23rd, 2012

The great thing about Sony wanting to reboot Jumanji is that they can get the same actors involved. Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt still have the chops, and Kirsten Dunst is definitely still available, pigtails optional. Bradley Pierce is the wildcard, as he’s only done some scattered voice work in the past few years, but they could even get Joe Johnston to direct again. Isn’t that funny? They’re trying to reboot a movie where all the players, for the most part, are still in the acting and directing spotlight.

Of course, a version from Michael Haneke would be cooler.

Regardless, Sony is now firmly in the rebooting business. Men In Black is seeking even more installments, there’s Total Recall, Spider-Man is going to be exhausted by the time they get all their worth out of him, and now they’re even digging into the minor 90s hits to figure out what to do.

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