‘Not Fade Away’ Trailer: James Gandolfini Wants to Tango

By  · Published on October 6th, 2012

‘Not Fade Away’ Trailer: James Gandolfini Wants to Tango

The Sopranos creator David Chase has been working on his Not Fade Away ever since the gangster show’s finale. That’s a bit ironic, considering The Sopranos’ ending wasn’t afraid to piss off a few million viewers, while his directorial feature debut, Not Fade Away, appears to be about as safe as coming-of-age tales come. Chase may not try to reinvent the wheel this time around, but based on this trailer, maybe he doesn’t need to.

Check out the first trailer for Not Fade Away after the jump.

A rebellious dreamer of a kid whose father doesn’t understand him or his dirty rock ’n’ roll? We’ve never seen that relationship on screen before… Trite or not, Not Fade Away, thanks to the beautiful use of “Parachute Woman,” seems like a solid drama with an awards potential performance from James Gandolfini, which is exactly what the buzz coming out of the film’s New York Film Festival debut from earlier today suggests.

Not Fade Away opens in theaters on December 21st. [Apple]

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