‘Not Another Sundance Movie’ is Every Sundance Movie Cliché You’ve Ever Seen in One, Compact Trailer

By  · Published on January 23rd, 2014

If you’re a director, actor, producer, or member of the film industry in any sense, a reader of this website or just a person who likes movies, you are probably aware that the Sundance Film Festival is occurring right now. A good chunk of the film writing community is sitting pretty at the festival in Park City, Utah as we speak (I mean..not everyone…), catching the latest and potentially greatest films before they eventually hit theaters.

Of course, not every film is a winner, as you’ve probably heard from ascertained from reviews. The Sundance Institute is an organization “dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences,” and it draws in a remarkable wealth of talent on both sides of the camera each year. But sometimes some of those discoveries can fall into a bit of a whimsical rut chock full of clichés – like the use of hazy filters, sidelong glances out dirty windows at the thought of a better life and the haunting sounds of a children’s choir.

If you’re skipping Sundance this year and don’t quite understand this particular phenomenon, the funny folks at Tastes Funny have compiled every possible Sundance experience (good and bad) into one trailer.

Not Another Sundance Movie’s objective is that it’s actually exactly like every other Sundance movie that you’ve ever seen – these are your stories, gang. Ten days of moviegoing are summed up in under three minutes of cliché after cliché; from an inspirational soundtrack provided by the Clapping Orphan Choir of Detroit, to praise from obscure publications like The Prospect Park Picayune, to a focus on a vintage, Instagrammable aesthetic with “so many pickup trucks!” (the blonde guy from TMZ is thrilled) it’s everything you could want out of a Sundance film and more. Or dread.

But hey, if you like Michael Cera, pretty girls crying prettily, Oscar-worthy performances by promising young actresses who probably won’t actually win the Oscar and some hyper-specific jabs at Beasts of the Southern Wild, maybe Not Another Sundance Movie is the Sundance movie for your schedule. With 120 films airing at the festival this year, surely you’ve got room to think about just one more?

Source: Defamer