‘Night of the Living Dead’ Resurrected Yet Again For Another 3D Remake

By  · Published on August 16th, 2013

Because one 3D remake was not enough, George Romero’s 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead will be resurrected once more, this time by director Zebediah de Soto as Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D. As you might have briefly registered somewhere in your mind, there was a 3D Night of the Living Dead remake in 2006, as well as a follow-up called Night of the Living Dead 3D: Reanimation. To put it bluntly, they were not great.

De Soto has the power of time and quality on his side, though. He has a solid cast, consisting of Bollywood star R. Madhavan, and a slew of B-movie horror favorites, like Tom Sizemore, Tony Todd (who was actually in Tom Savini’s 1990 remake), Danielle Harris, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Bill Mosley, Sarah Habel and Joseph Pilato battling the zombies. And when I say time, I mean that we are now in the hey-day of zombie-themed programming. Romero’s classic created the modern zombies that we see dragging their weary limbs across our televisions and theater screens today, so a lot of people might be interested in seeing the story of “where it all began,” so to speak.

Granted, we might also be nearing the edge of peak zombie saturation, and yet another zombie movie, especially an unoriginal remake (that’s not even the first remake), may not go over so well.

Per Deadline, Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D is scheduled to crawl out of the grave and into theaters in October 2014.