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Nick Offerman Stirs Up Gunslinging Trouble with his Voice in this Meta Short Film

By  · Published on September 2nd, 2014

Eric Kissack

Why Watch? If you want to mine this short film for its most profound nugget, you’ll find a question of what it’s like to live in a completely transparent society, one where your deepest shames and desires aren’t secret. How do you live when your inner world is made public?

If you don’t want to look that deep, you can still revel in Nick Offerman playing a trickster god narrator who tries his best to send bullets flying in a stereotypical Western saloon. Marked by poetic voice over, it’s also fantastically funny.

Written by Kevin Tenglin and given cinematic life by director Eric Kissack, The Gunfighter twists the plot conceit of Stranger Than Fiction into a commentary on genre tropes, whiskey-slinging and itchy prostitutes.

Clever and thorough in its execution, everyone on the production team is game for the absurdity, showing both the love required to truly lampoon something and the wit to find the flaws in the object of that love.

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