New Year, New Design for Film School Rejects!

As you can probably tell, we’ve made a few changes. Now we want to hear what you think of our new design…
By  · Published on January 2nd, 2008

As Kyle Broflovski would say, “Holy Shit Dudes!” You may have noticed that we have made a few changes here at Film School Rejects. In order to usher in a new year we have launched our new site layout, a design we like to call “FSR version 3.0”, as this is our third major redesign since the site’s launch in early 2006. Months in development, this new layout is the starting point for some awesome things to come.

You may ask yourself, “What are these awesome things?” That, my friends, is completely up to you. Based on your feedback, we will continue to make improvements to the layout, the features and the content of Film School Rejects. So lets get started, shall we?

Let us know in the “Sound Off” area below what you have to say about the following talking points:

1. What do you think of the new site layout?

2. What kinds of features would you like to see more of in 2008?

3. Is there anything you’d like to see us get rid of?

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