New ‘Mad Max’ Shuns CGI, Favors Trying to Kill Stunt Men

By  · Published on August 30th, 2010

I imagine the children of the next generation will be forced to slam together green blocks and head for a computer to add in the cars afterward. CGI has grown up considerably in the past decade, but it’s also become prevalent to the point of fault. It’s great to see advancements, but it’s not great to see technology used as a crutch when practical filmmaking is so much more exciting to watch.

Cars flying down the crackling asphalt of highway is one of those occasions.

Fortunately, and unsurprisingly, it’s an Ozploitation sequel avoiding the modern and heading straight for the grease-stained methods of the past. Mad Max: Fury Road is currently planning on using 138 real-life, metal, not-at-all-computer-rendered vehicles in order to perform nearly 300 stunts that have the gruesome potential to leave stuntmen down for the count. Down with safety, and down with wearing green spandex with tennis balls taped to it.

Yes. Hell Yes. There’s few things that cause eyes to roll more than CGI-ing the hell out of a car chase. It’s better for the environment, but I’d rather see a pod of whales swimming through an oil slick than endure more amateurish, cartoon-y shots of a fake background chasing someone who has clearly never stunt-driven before. This news adds to excitement about the film (which mostly comes from seeing Tom Hardy in the lead role), which is filming now. Thanks, Max, for caring enough to slam metal to metal. Buster Keaton would be proud. [Movie Hole]

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