The New ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer Promises More Rage

Is Jessica Jones Hero or Freak? Season Two looks to answer that question.
Jessica Jones Season Trailer
By  · Published on February 20th, 2018

Is Jessica Jones Hero or Freak? Season Two looks to answer that question.

The second trailer for Jessica Jones season 2 focuses less on the potential plot of the new season and more on the internal rage bubbling under our protagonist’s surface. The first trailer offered a few hints of what the possible narrative could be, as well as the potential return of David Tennant as the villainous Purple Man, but this second foray is more concerned with capturing the emotional appeal of the character. Meaning, her exuberant fury.

The show’s account tweeted out the trailer this afternoon with two words: “Still Angry.” As if we thought she’d mellow out after the events of The Defenders?

As she smashes a red rubber ball against the walls of her anger management session, Jessica (Katherine Ritter) reiterates her torturous backstory. Parents dead in a car crash, abducted for the purposes of mad science, raped by Kilgrave, and forced to kill at his command. It’s time for Jessica Jones to dive into her backstory rather than another bottle.

We see lots of clips from the previous season. Everything involving Mike Colter’s Luke Cage is old footage, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the bulletproof activist makes a surprise appearance. Will we see their dangerous physical passion on screen again? That gets a little tricky since Cage and Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) hooked up in his own series. Fans have been pushing for Jones and Cage to mirror their comic book relationship, but don’t hold your breath on any wedding bells in their future.

As Jessica narrates how the “People I care about are in danger” we also see images of Rachel Taylor’s Trish cowering in a blood-soaked elevator. The previous season had Trish boning up on her karate skills, and I’m hoping she offers Jessica some serious sidekick muscle like her superhero counterpart, Hell Cat. We’re never going to get her cat-eared cowl in the Netflix universe, but she should be more than the imperiled girlfriend.

Jessica Jones spent so much of her first season denying her abilities, and her potential for contributing a positive outcome on anyone or any place. She may not know Captain America, or ever have a chance of joining The Avengers, but she went toe-to-toe against The Hand in The Defenders. She fought alongside fellow costumed freaks and made a difference.

However, to cut herself some slack, she has to confront her origins. Beware of those Frankenstein doctors and government-sanctioned experiments. Her abilities seem linked to Kilgrave, and it looks like he might also pack a healing factor as well as mind control powers. Not sure how else you explain his return post-season one. His neck pretty much got turned to dust.

Like this trailer, I’m less interested in whatever got Jessica to the place she currently occupies. I don’t even need to see her battle with Kilgrave again. We got all that in season one. What we all love is her ballbusting anger management issues and the ease at which she can fall into a bottle. How do you maintain that demented, troubling allure without pushing her off a cliff? Her therapy sessions, and her writers need to halfway cure her without robbing her of that antagonistic personality.

“Her life. Her business. Her way.”  Yer god damn, right.

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