New ‘Blitz’ Trailer Shows Jason Statham Kicking Ass and Delivering His Best Ever One-Liner

By  · Published on July 15th, 2011

Almost two years ago to the day we first brought you news that Jason Statham would be starring in a movie called Blitz. Remember? You were really excited at the time. Well guess what? It’s finally ready to see the light of day. Sadly it’ll be bypassing theaters and going straight to video, but hey, at least we’ll get to see it.

Statham plays against type as a detective fond of circumventing the rules in his quest to bring down the bad guys, but when a serial killer (Aidan Gillen) starts capping cops Statham’s skills are put to the test. Together with a new partner (the always awesome Paddy Considine) the duo must work fast before the madman murders his way through the entire force.

Check out the brand new trailer below.

Best Different Strokes reference ever.

And the action looks pretty solid too. Statham couldn’t really ask for much better in the supporting actors department… Considine is a fantastic and charismatic actor, and while I fear he’s playing the Andy Garcia/Black Rain role here he should be fun while he lasts. And Gillen is perfect for the smarmy bad guy character due in large part to his constant smirk and intensity.

The film is based on a novel by Irish writer Ken Bruen, and if it’s anywhere near as good as the book then it should be a solid thriller indeed. I’m a bit less confident in the director though… this is Elliot Lester’s second film, which in and of itself isn’t a problem, but his first feature is the pretty terrible Addicted To Her Love which couldn’t even be saved by Lizzy Caplan. But any possible negativity from Lester’s involvement is immediately erased by screenwriter Nathan Parker… who you may recognize as the writer of Duncan Jones’ quietly brilliant Moon.

Blitz hits DVD and Blu-ray on August 23rd.

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