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Netflix Canceling ‘House Of Cards,’ Citing Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Controversy

Coming after allegations against Kevin Spacey, Netflix has canceled one of its flagship franchises.
House Of Cards Kevin Spacey
By  · Published on October 30th, 2017

Coming after allegations against Kevin Spacey, Netflix has canceled one of its flagship franchises.

Allegations of unwanted sexual advances from Spacey to Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp have emerged and they are being taken very seriously. Netflix has announced that they will be ending their hit series, House of Cards with the sixth season currently slated to air in 2018. According to Rapp, he was 14-years old when a 26-year old Kevin Spacey cornered him and tried to seduce him on a bed. Kevin Spacey has since issued a comment and shifted focus to use the opportunity to come out as gay. It’s a poor excuse for sexual misconduct. Spacey is in big trouble and will likely lose many opportunities.

Netflix learned of the news and contacted the key cast members and creatives early this morning. While House of Cards was transitioning away from Kevin Spacey’s role in the series given the season five ends, this is certainly an abrupt ending to a historic show.  Spacey had been playing one of his most iconic roles in Frank Underwood, the now former ex-president who resigned in disgrace. The presidency in the show was given to his wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), who would be serving as the first female POTUS.

Spacey is in line to lose much more than his franchise. Netflix also had plans for a Kevin Spacey starring movie entitled Gore that would detail the life of Gore Vidal. That might be canceled as well now that these allegations have come to light.

House of Cards is a historic show because it launched Netflix’s original programming. It was among the very first properties that Netflix created and launched in-house. It also had director David Fincher involved with its production and he directed the series plot. For its first season, House of Cards was nominated for nine Emmy awards, the first online original web-series to receive major award nominations. House of Cards made its debut in 2013 before the likes of Transparent or Handmaid’s Tale won their Emmy awards.

Many probably assumed House of Cards was heading towards a conclusion, but this still seems sudden. The final season is currently filming in Maryland and will probably air sometime in 2018. Kevin Spacey becomes another name in the fallout that was started by the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct and he probably won’t be the last. Netflix is quick to separate itself from the star and now it’s signature franchise will come to a close.

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