Netflix Acquires Josh Gad Superhero Feature ‘Super-Normal’

A subversive superhero comedy is coming to Netflix. 
By  · Published on November 17th, 2017

A subversive superhero comedy is coming to Netflix.

Josh Gad is simply everywhere in Hollywood these days. Most recently he can be seen in Murder on the Orient Express. After playing Olaf in Frozen his star was sent out to the stratosphere. He has been involved with countless projects and has had multiple opportunities to shine. Now he wants to produce his own superhero film. We hear that those are pretty popular these days.

Gad has been shopping his project, Super-Normal, for the past month and Netflix has stepped up to be the high bidder for the project. Interest was high for the project after Gad got his friends: Star Wars Daisy Ridley and Beauty and the Beast’s Luke Evans attached to Super-Normal. It would make sense that these two would be interested in joining Gad on his venture, Ridley got on famously with her Murder on the Orient Express co-star in a video series that went viral and Evans worked with Gad closely during the Beauty and the Beast adaptation. In fact, Evans was apparently even in the room with Gad during pitch meetings.

According to Variety, Dan Lin, who produced Death Note for Netflix will be producing the film with Gad. Jonathan Eirich of Lin Pictures is on-board while Aaron and Jordan Kandell, of Moana fame, are penning the script. Luke Evans will executive produce. There isn’t too much available for what Super-Normal is actually about, but apparently, Super-Normal is intended to be a character-driven, subversive take on a genre that everyone simply loves too much.

Look there’s no question of the glut of superhero movies in the pipeline. Every day someone else is eager to make a film showcasing some kind of superhero. Disney was even a bidder on this project from Josh Gad and there is little fatigue from Hollywood about bankrolling these types of pictures. While Netflix has a lot of superhero movies on their service, a bunch of them will likely be leaving when Disney opens their exclusive streaming service. This gives Netflix their own share of the superhero pie and featuring notable Disney actors as well.

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