Nazis Loved 3D

By  · Published on February 16th, 2011

We all know that Nazis loved making lampshades out of people, but they apparently also really dug 3D filmmaking as well. If that isn’t the real nail in the coffin for its popularity, Walter Murch certainly doesn’t stand a chance in killing it.

According to The Guardian, an Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora has discovered two short movies made by Nazi Germany in 1936 that were shot in 3D. One of them was Avatar. How spooky is that?

Actually, one is about bratwurst on the fire and the other was called Six Girls Roll Into Weekend, so what it’s about is anyone’s guess. Fortunately, these movies are bound to be featured in Mora’s documentary How the Third Reich Was Recorded.

The piece suggests that the Germans were ahead of the game when it came to 3D, but the first confirmed 3D film is still all American (and dates back to 1922). Sure, the Golden Era wasn’t until the 1950s, but finding two German flicks doesn’t scream Golden Era either (especially since they might have had their minds on something other than eye-popping movies). Regardless of whether it’s universally groundbreaking or not though, it’s still a fascinating discovery, and it sounds like a compelling documentary.

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