‘Mr. Nobody’ Trailer: It’s 2092 and Jared Leto Is Still Kicking

By  · Published on September 12th, 2013

Four years after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and six years after production began, Jaco Van Dormael’s Mr. Nobody is finally seeing the light of day in the United States. If you were one of the lucky jerks who got to see this ambitious and beautiful-looking film during its original release, then I guess this news isn’t too exciting for you. But the rest of us will have to just fawn overly the new trailer for the film, which gives a little more structure and substance to Jared Leto’s character than the 2009 version.

In this bizarre little snippet of the film, Leto’s Nemo Nobody, the last mortal man alive, attempts to recount the events of his long and storied life but has great difficulty remembering how things actually occurred. The trailer, like the film itself, is nonlinear and warped, jumping from present to childhood to somewhere in between without pattern or cause. It makes for a fascinating watch. Check it out for yourself here:

Leto’s old man (and I mean really old man, he’s 118) makeup is all kinds of terrible, though. It’s giving Guy Pearce in Prometheus a run for his money.

Mr. Nobody is on VOD on September 26th and in theaters in limited release on November 1st.