Movies You Crowdfunded Last Week: Olympians, Dancing Bears and Uninterrupted Shots

By  · Published on April 29th, 2013

The goal of MYCLW is to act as a quick-glance guide for movie and TV fans who are looking for work they might be interested in. To find worthy in-progress campaigns, please check out Fund This Film. To make sure you’re recently funded project is included, please email us.

A ton (exactly 2,000 pounds) of projects are being funded far outside the studio system’s walls. In fact, plenty are happening outside the traditional indie model as well. Crowdfunding has proven its feasibility in a short amount of time, and it’s also offered us as fans a brand new channel to discover worthwhile movies and shows. After all, the gatekeepers haven’t gone away – there are simply more of them, and in the case of crowdfunding, there are a lot more.

In launching this feature, I had no idea how many movies were successfully funded every week. I dumbly assumed that there would be a handful, maybe a dozen or so that secure their public budgets, and I was encouragingly wrong. All told, this inaugural edition boasts over 40 crowdfunded movies and TV-style projects, delivering a wide spectrum of styles and subjects.

It’s time to start keeping an eye on release dates that don’t come from studio press campaigns. Hopefully MYCLW can help you find something you don’t even know you’re looking for. Clicking through to individual pages can give you more information, including official websites and ways to keep informed on individual projects hitting theaters (and the internet) near you.

Touch the Wall

What it is: “A feature documentary that follows swimming phenom Missy Franklin and teammate Kara Lynn Joyce as they prepare for the London Olympics.”

What it raised: $120,000

Under the Mango Tree: Food, Health, and Love in Ghana

What it is: “A documentary about Shekhinah Clinic, which offers free healthcare and meals to the mentally ill and handicapped of Tamale, Ghana.”

What it raised: $11,000+

A Family Affair

What it is: “An intimate portrait of Greece’s leading musical family, at a crossroads between Crete and Melbourne.”

What it raised: £10,000

I Snatched Andy Warhol – Release and Distribution

What it is: “A movie for people with a thousand ‘friends’ and no one to pick them up at the airport.”

What it raised: $8,800

Powered By Green Smoothies

What it is: “A full length documentary about how hardcore, endurance athletes perform when given regular doses of fresh, organic green smoothie.”

What it raised: $21,800

Finding Melody!

What it is: Finding Melody! is the story of Miles, a chorus member living in a whimsical musical world where only the leading man can get the girl. When he spots the girl of his dreams, Miles vows to rise above the chorus and win her heart by starring in his very own spectacular musical finale.”

What it raised: $2,300

Samantha Fargo, the Black Woman Action Hero

What it is: “Detective Samantha Fargo will accomplish her mission by any means necessary. The catch: she has to babysit a reality film crew.”

What it raised: $3,100

“The Pageant Project” Documenting Girlhood Dreams

What it is: “This project explores the relationship between pageants and girlhood dreams by documenting my journey through the National American Miss competition.”

What it raised: $1,500

Artificial Heartache: A Jonathan Coulton Musical Film

What it is: “A musical film featuring the songs of web-celeb Jonathan Coulton” by way of the Creative Commons License.

What it raised: $1,800

Kivalina People

What it is: “A cinematic and observational portrait of the Arctic at an unprecedented time of cultural & environmental change!”

What it raised: $26,500

From Bedrooms to Billions

What it is: A “documentary telling the story of the UK Video Games Industry from 1979 to the present day.”

What it raised: £60,500

Hotline: a documentary

What it is: “A documentary about the intense connections that are made between strangers over the telephone, and explores these anonymous conversations people are often too hesitant to have with the people closest to them.”

What it raised: $23,000+

365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley

What it is: An exploration of how a community repairs itself after a tragedy like the Jerry Sandusky abuses, and how the news shaped the public’s view.

What it raised: $51,200

The Herring Migration Documentary Series

What it is: “Three in-depth films exploring the natural history, latest science and conservation topics surrounding the River Herring migration.”

What it raised: $7,200

Flight To The Wall

What it is: “The story about a group of Vietnam veterans and the Wings and Rotors Museum teaming up to restore and fly two Vietnam era Huey helicopters and a Kiowa for a risky flight.”

What it raised: $8,700

A People Without A Land

What it is: “A feature-length documentary that challenges the conventional wisdom about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

What it raised: $25,500

Distribution of documentary We Women Warriors

What it is: “In Colombia’s war-torn indigenous villages, three brave women from distinct tribes use nonviolent resistance to defend their peoples’ survival. Warfare between the guerrillas, paramilitary groups, and armed forces imperils Colombia’s 102 aboriginal groups, dozens of which face extinction because of the conflict. Despite being trapped in a protracted conflict financed by the drug trade, indigenous women are resourcefully leading and creating transformation imbued with hope.”

What it raised: $10,000

Me and V

What it is: “A comedic story about two very different girlfriends. What happens when their friendship is tested?”

What it raised: $600

Love is Blindness – A Short Film in One Shot

What it is: “Julian finds that love is not always so blind when he’s forced to be the caretaker of his girlfriend, who lost her sight in a car wreck.”

What it raised: $2,400

All Summer in a Day

What it is: “Adapted from the iconic Ray Bradbury short story about children living on Venus, all of whom have never seen the sun. All but one girl.”

What it raised: $5,600

The Circle Experiment

What it is: “A stunning visual poem, The Circle Experiment is a short art film, and an adventure in community-building.”

What it raised: $5,500

Dad – A USC Short Film

What it is: “A teenager named Charlie discovers something new about himself while coping with the loss of his father.”

What it raised: $4,000+

Great, Aunt

What it is: “The film is about a wealthy older black woman who because an agreement with her sister, reluctantly hires her ex drug addicted niece as her maid and housekeeper. This film follows a day in these ladies’ lives and explores their relationship. I hope for this film to ultimately ask the question, ‘How important is family?’”

What it raised: $1,300


What it is: “This short raises the question whether technology advances humanity. We want to shoot this with one long continuous take.”

What it raised: $400+

URSA MAJOR – The Great Bear

What it is: URSA MAJOR is a darkly humorous tale of a ferocious bear spirit and the unappreciative young woman under his protection.”

What it raised: $620

How We Sung the Blues

What it is: “In this short movie, the wedding of a close friend acts as a catalyst for a young man’s reconciliation with an event from his past.”

What it raised: $3,600

A Lamp in the Window

What it is: “Inspired by Truman Capote’s short story of the same name, the film will examine a real connection in an increasingly isolated world.”

What it raised: $3,000

That Movie Kate

What it is: “The story of a gay man and the girl of his dreams, is a comedy unlike any other…ok, probably. We haven’t seen every movie ever.”

What it raised: $2,000


What it is: “Dr Grizzly’s vengeance against the innocent pandas must be stopped. But just how innocent they are remains to be seen…”

What it raised: £1,700

Rockabilly Rumble

What it is: “A Gritty Comedy Short about 2 modern day greasers who must save their deceased friend’s ashes from collecting dust on a mantel piece.”

What it raised: $1,500

Waiting For Liz

What it is: “A compelling and mystical slice of life and moment in time in the inner world of the ever enigmatic Elizabeth Taylor.”

What it raised: £2,000

Forlorn – A Gritty British Psychological Drama

What it is: “Forlorn is a short film looking at the effects of PTSD after a traumatic incident changes a man’s life forever.”

What it raised: £200

404 (Short Film) Investigation into Power of the Internet

What it is: “Explores the concept of social interaction and aims to make a statement about the world of technology. Is it possible to escape?”

What it raised: £250

Joe & Nancy’s Beach House Murder Mystery

What it is: “Grad school detectives Joe and Nancy go to the beach with their friends. When a murder takes place, they are called upon to solve it!”

What it raised: $2,000

Bitter Strippers: TV Comedy Pilot

What it is: “A broke Women’s Studies student decides to support feminism in a new way: by becoming a stripper at Daddy Issues Gentlemen’s Club.”

What it raised: $8,500


What it is: ReFocus is a 12–15 minute web series drama based in the North of England. In the series Stuart Thornton an ambitious TV producer from London is ‘promoted’ to a new position in the North of England. Feeling that the move is nothing but to improve the security of his bosses job he bitterly vows to outshine the South and get his seat back in London and out of exile. His tools? Charisma, charm and his network. It’s a relationship business.”

What it raised: £800

What It’s Like to Die

What it is: “Television series (in-waiting) about people who died, what they saw, and whether a belief in Jesus impacts your destination.”

What it raised: $12,000

Missing Something: a wacky British web-sitcom

What it is: “Cross-platform, cross-wired, hyper-hyphenated sitcom charting the bizarrely chaotic life of the 20-something Londoner.”

What it raised: £7,600

Difficult Tales

What it is: “An anthology series of horror, science fiction and fantasy films shot in a bold experimental style.”

What it raised: $6,200

Me & Zooey D.

What it is: “Alex is one of those small town girls who moves to LA with a dream…to be best friends with Zooey Deschanel.”

What it raised: $3,500

New Seasons of the ‘Gamer Chick’ Web Series!

What it is: Gamer Chick is a comedic web series about taking what the dice roll gives you. It follows pencil-and-paper gamer Gia as she attempts to blend together her rather disappointing life with her kick-ass in-game persona.”

What it raised: $10,200

These projects don’t fit into the standard mold, but they deserve a spotlight (or a simple celebration).

The Nomad Barber

What it is: “1 Barber, 1 Camera, 5 Continents,12 months Discovering the history and secrets of barbering worldwide. Trading haircuts for Everything.”

What it raised: £5,000

The 6th Annual Lakewood High School Film Festival

What it is: “Lakewood High School is holding it’s 6th annual film festival May 7–8! All films are student produced and we need to fund our venue (Denver Film Center- Lowenstein Colfax). Please help us do this by donating to our cause! The film class runs TigerTV, a daily live broadcast. Click here for our episodes. Also, check out our vimeo channel for some other clips.”

What it raised: $2,000

Congrats, Lakewood High!


What it is: “Chicago’s beloved microcinema, The NIGHTINGALE, needs an upgrade for its fifth birthday. Help us improve our space!”

What it raised: $6,500

Hog Fever – An Ear Movie

What it is: “Adapted from the best selling book by Richard La Plante, the dark comedy Hog Fever is the story of Robert Lourdes, a man in the throes of midlife crisis, desperately searching for himself from the saddle of his motorcycle.”

What it raised: $27,500

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